Phoenix JES3plus™:

The same, only better.

Who should attend: IBM® JES3 Users

Abstract: A conversion from JES3 to JES2 is displeasing to many organizations for various reasons. It is a costly, multi-year commitment that some do not believe is money well spent. Mainframe-hostile management might see an opportunity to move away from the platform. Many organizations lack the in-house expertise, time, desire, and budget to perform the analysis and pay for the conversion. Many are concerned about the operational and business risk that could be introduced. When an IBM Statement of Direction made it clear JES3 would be discontinued, PSI took the necessary steps to provide JES3 customers with a fully-supported alternative, with a road map for enhancements, no planned end of life, and no additional licensing costs.

Wednesday, 6 November at 7:30 in the Indianapolis Room. Breakfast will be provided.


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